I was born in Oswego, New York and lived on the east coast until 2009 when I joined the Patrol.   I was introduced to CrossFit in 2012 when co-workers convinced me to attend a class at the Pistoleros.  I had been dismissive of Crossfit thinking it was a fad that would die out quickly.  I finally decided to give it a shot, the WOD? Murph.  I was absolutely destroyed physically and hooked mentally.  That day after performing the workout and seeing how positive the community was I decided that Crossfit was for me.


Growing up I was involved in any sport I could get in to. I played a wide variety of sports from football to golf. My favorites were always the team sports and for me Crossfit gives off that team feel. While most are individual workouts you never feel like you’re working alone with the encouragement of the other athletes in the class and of course the instructors yelling at you to keep you going.  Whether you finish first or last you know everyone will be there continuing to cheer until the work is done.


I have been an instructor for nearly a year with the Pistoleros. I enjoy walking into the gym every day.  For me there is nothing better than watching someone accomplish that goal they have been tirelessly working to achieve.  I believe the comradery within our gym is something special and I’m extremely grateful for the friendships that have been created in my time as a Pistolero both as an athlete and instructor.



Crossfit Level Instructor Certification