Thursday 01/07/2015

CrossFit Pistoleros would like to take the time to congratulate Chad Jones from OFO for being nominated as our December “Athlete of the Month”. 
Everyday Chad makes the daily commute from Yuma to attend the 5am class. Regardless of the workload Chad always keeps the same positive attitude, consistently cracking jokes, and keeps the atmosphere positive. Chad motivates other athletes before, after and during every workout.  Chad continues to improve on his cardio and strength and constantly stays behind after class to work on his weaknesses, on his own time. Since Chad joined Crossfit he has lost a total of 6% body fat, 2.5 inches from his chest, 4 inches from his abdomen and 3 inches from his hip area.
Congrats Chad and keep up the hard work!!!
10915275_1591443707741425_862092163975145421_nStrength: Wendler bench press
WOD: 2 mile run for time
with intervals of 30 second sprints
Extra credit: farmer carry around the track. Every time you drop the kettle bells
you have a 10 burpee penalty right then and there.

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