Thursday 11/20/2014


 Have you seen Laura? Missing for over 6 months.


Strength: Wendler bench press

Partner WOD:

1600m row. While one works, the other holds 6 inches. Once you cant hold 6 inches, the two switch out.

100 air squats

100 ring pushups

100 4 count flutter kicks

1600m row with same rules as on the first one.

Work together and take turns chipping away at your 50 reps. Both must finish before moving on to the next movement.

Extra Credit: 50 tire flips as a class.


We are putting together another Progenex order. The goal is to place it this Friday. Please let one of the ridiculously good looking coaches know of your interest.

There is a minimum order of $500.00, and we need you to pay up by Friday as well.  Check or cash.  If you have any other questions, let us know.

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