I was born and raised in Clarendon, Texas.  I participated in various sports, football being my favorite.  After graduating high school I enlisted into the Navy.  During my 5 years of active duty I was determined to stay fit, and participated in nearly every single 5k run and the Point Loma polar bear swim.  Within my first year of active duty I was selected to become a Command Fitness Leader (CFL).  As a CFL I was in charge of the Commands physical fitness program to ensure that every member passed both of their semi-annual physical fitness assessments.
After separating from the Navy I joined the Border Patrol in 2009.  I have continued to stay active by participating in Spartan Races, and marathons.  In 2012, I began doing CrossFit and have been doing it ever since at the CrossFit Pistoleros (CFP) gym.  Towards the end of last year I was selected to become one of the coaches for CFP.  I am truly grateful to be given this opportunity to share what I have learned, but most importantly to learn new skills and share them with my current and future Pistoleros.