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I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps after my 18th Birthday. My position was Field Artilleryman Employing the M198 and M777 Howitzer (cross training with 0311/0331 Infantry/Machine Gunners whilst in the fleet). I completed 2 Deployments; 1 Combat Iraq AOR 2005 and 1 standard Deployment with the 26th MEU in 2007. I was a Non-Commissioned Officer in 2007 during deployment where I was well loved and respected amongst my peers and subordinates, but disliked by Battery Gunny and 1stSgt, however that made it fun. I separated from the Marines in 2008 with an honorable discharge. From here I worked odd jobs and went to school halfheartedly, and learned about failure.

I met my wife Whitney in 2009 at the Victor Valley Community College gym while getting jacked, At first she hated me….but now is my Emotional Support Animal/Fiancée and we are scheduled to get married next year.

I did a stint in USAR and was going to transition to Active Duty Service with intent to slap some dummies around and think of better life plan that didn’t involve being so “normal”. However, in 2013 the Border Patrol called with a job offer in 2013 and I chose to do that instead, which sometimes I regret and sometimes thankful.

I entered on duty in McAllen Texas where I was a line agent for 5 years. This location was very busy and I probably encountered tens of thousands (literally) of people in a short time.

In 2017 I got a paid move to Calexico where I would be closer to Whitney’s family, funny enough my dad was a migrant from Mexicali in the late 60’s and I spent weekends and summers there. Haven’t been back much since my Grandma died in 1991. I had a medical setbacks that hit the reset button on fitness. I lost my edge during my time in McAllen, but am in recovery of minor medical things and am gaining my strength and aesthetic back.

I am honored and excited to be in the HonorFit program and to be able to share my struggle and inspire others to overcome theirs. I am looking forward to transforming myself and others and leading from the front again like I did as an NCO. Not kidding I was an inhuman dude got told “How are you holding it together for so long?” constantly and to “SHUT THE F*** UP CPL SIERRAS!” because I would taunt my superiors at their endless attempts to physically haze me.