My name is Mario Gutierrez and some might know me as “Mario G in the place to be” or “B”. I was born in Brawley, CA and was raised in Calexico, CA. I love comedy and love to laugh. Almost everyone that knows me by now, knows that it is me when I laugh, as you can hear my laugh from a mile away! Besides, laughter works out your abs so every day I make sure I get my ab workout in.

Ever since I can remember I have been playing some kind of sport and have always loved to be active. I remember my first love in sports was boxing. I started boxing at the age of six in Calexico. I loved watching the big guys go at it while sparring and the way they trained. I remember going for runs around the gym and hitting the heavy bag with gloves that looked as big as half of my body. I always wanted to play every sport whenever the seasons came up. ` My parents signed me up for every sport every year. At the age of eleven, I was invited to be a part of the Junior Olympics after playing soccer for 2 seasons. My parents did not want me to go to another state or country without them supervising me and had their jobs so I was unable to attended the try outs. After soccer I played pop warner football for a couple of years. I literally fell in love with every sport I played. I always gave it 110%, and I was very competitive. I then played on basketball teams as a kid in the summer and also as a teenager I played in a basketball league in Mexicali, B.C. In high school I played basketball and was the shooting guard for the team. I also played high school football and played the position of Free Safety. Throughout those years of playing sports as a kid, I was always gravitated back to the sport of boxing. As a Border Patrol Agent I have participated in charity boxing events such as “Battle of the Badges”. I have had 3 bouts and have come out victorious on all 3 and I was really excited when I received the “Fight of the Night” trophy on one of the bouts.

I am now even more excited and blessed that I get the chance to help out my co -workers get into healthier lifestyles and achieve their goals and more. I am very new to the world of Crossfit and am learning and loving the many different types of workouts and workout techniques. I have learned so many new workout techniques that I had never used in the regular gyms I use to go to. And so far these 4 months I have been loving the WOD’S. I am very proud to be a part of the Crossfit Pistolero team and enjoy every day of learning and motivating others. I really can say that the few months I have been here I have met and made a lot of friends and every day is fun. Remember to laugh every day and get your ab workout.


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