Our History

The goals of the Honorfit Program are to provide athletes with various fitness program options that maximize participation and suitability, improve the physical capabilities of Border Patrol agents and other participating officials that increase the ability to complete daily tasks required by those who work in a law enforcement environment, motivate the workforce to pursue a health-conscious lifestyle, increase the overall morale and emotional well-being of the Honorfit participants by promoting a team-oriented training program and continually reassess various fitness programs and facilitate the expansion and improvement of the Honorfit facility to maximize its effectiveness and utilization.

The El Centro Sector Honorfit Program / Crossfit Pistoleros was conceived in September 2012 where it initiated its pilot program November 13, 2012-December 14, 2012. This pilot program started off with 2 classes and 4 certified Crossfit Instructors. The program officially began January 7, 2013 with 7 classes throughout the day, with 4 instructors. The agency retrofitted an ATV Warehouse into the CrossFit Pistoleros gym it is today.

In February 2014, ELC Honorfit began allowing other Law Enforcement agencies to participate in the program. Other agencies currently participating are El Centro Police Department (ECPD), Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), Office of Field Operations (OFO), Imperial County Sherriff’s Office (ICSO), California Highway Patrol (CHP) and other Border Patrol stations. 

In an ever changing community of gym and workouts, we have come to realize we need to modify our program so we could appeal to and assist more athletes and more effectively invest in our workforce.  

The ELC Honorfit Program used to offer 7 Crossfit classes, which are 60 minutes in duration. We have decided to appeal to more athletes by offering three different programs. We have recognized a need for a more diverse offering that would fit everyone’s needs. We have added two additional programs: Honorfit 30 (HF30) and Strength and Conditioning 45 (SC45). We will still be offering our current 60 minute program but it will become Honorfit 60 (HF60). All of our programs deliver an extremely effective workout by incorporating functional movements; however, the movements, loading, degree of variance, and level of complexity differ across all three programs.

We have a different approach in programming workouts and utilizing athlete’s time in the gym. We will emphasize on decreasing the risk and increasing the reward by incorporating movements that are simple, effective and offer a specific program that will decrease the complexity. We hope to gain increased attendance and offer people a healthier lifestyle.

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