Friday 02/27/2015


WOD: 15.1 & 15.1a


9 minute AMRAP

15 toes to bar

10 deadlift 115/75

5 snatch 115/75


1 rep max clean & jerk

6 minute cap


Scaled or Lv2

9 minute AMRAP
15 hanging knee raises
10 deadlifts (85 / 55 lb.)
5 snatches* (85 / 55 lb.)
*ground-to-overhead allowed

then 15.1a


As soon as the clock reaches 9 minutes and Workout 15.1 is complete, Workout 15.1a will begin with the same running clock. The athlete will have from 9:00 to 15:00 to complete Workout 15.1a.

The same barbell must be used for both 15.1 and 15.1a. The athlete must load their own barbell and may not receive assis- tance. Prior to each lift you must state what weight you are about to attempt. Plates smaller than 1⁄2 lb. may not be used. There is no limit to the number of attempts within the 6-minute time limit.


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