*Special Announcement*

We are excited to announce two new additions to our program. In an effort to reach more employees we will be adding a 30 minute class (HF30) and a 45 minute class (SC45); program description can be seen below. 

We currently offer 7 classes but starting Tuesday, September 3rd, we will be offering 12 classes! Existing athletes, do not worry!!! We will continue to offer “constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity” and continue to challenge you with the widest degree of complexity, loading and variance; it will now just be referred to as HonorFit 60 or HF60.

We did our best to work around the established classes we just ask you to please respect the new schedule (see schedule below). With more moving parts we please ask you to just help your coaches out and re-rack weights, pick up trash and put anything you took out back in its place.

Q: “Can I do HF60 programming during another class?”

A: Yes! We will never hold you back from increasing your fitness level we just ask that you respect the class that’s going on and get with the coach on duty to minimize equipment conflicts. This is where the canopy can be utilized!

Q: “Can I do an HF30 if I usually go to HF60?”

A: Yes, this is a great solution if you don’t have time, coming back from a fitness hiatus, or just starting your fitness journey!

We know you have more questions….. get with one of your coaches and ask away!!

We want to thank the community of athletes (new and old) for letting us help you on your fitness journey.

Respectfully, HonorFit Staff

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