Thursday 01/22/2015


Strength: Wendler bench press


Bench drop set. Once through. Don’t go heavier than the

following unless you’ve done them before.

Men AMRAP 165, 145, 125, 105, 85, 65, 45

Women AMRAP 102, 92, 82, 72, 62, 42, 22

This is the first time we introduce this to everyone as part of the program, so if this is still too heavy, your couch will scale accordingly.  Ex. You will start by benching 165 until failure. Your spotter will shed some weight so that 145 is now on the bar. You immidiately start benching till failure and continue this pattern all the way down to the empty barbell.

WOD: Death by complex

Start each on the minute. If you can’t finish the reps

within the minute, there is a penalty.


1 power clean, 1 bar facing burpee

2 power cleans, 2 bar facing burpees

3 PC, 3 BFB

4 PC, 4 BFB, etc….


If you stop within the first 5 minutes, immediately run 1 mile

If you stop between 6-10 minutes, immediately run 3 towers

If you stop between 11-15 minutes, congratulations, ….immediately do 25 wall balls 20#/14#.



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