Thursday 6/29/2016

Strength: Shoulder Press

WOD: Pick Your WOD

10 Rounds

100 Meter Row

  • Goal is to row exactly 100M
  • Every meter over 100 will be added to your score (Example 110M = 10)
  • After the round is over you pick a card out of the deck provided
  • Exercise selected from card deck will be your movement to perform
  • The point is to have the lowest meters accumulated total after the 10 rounds
  • Athlete with lowest meters total after the 10 rounds is considered top athlete for WOD.

Penalty Chart:

Toes 2 Bar = x 2

Burpees = x 2

Pull-ups = x 3

Push-ups = x 3

Air Squats = x 6

(Example: Athlete rows 110 Meters. Athlete accumulates 10 meters to score. Athlete picks a card and receives the burpees card. Athlete will multiply their score of 10 X 2 as shown on Penalty Chart. Athlete performs 20 burpees and gets ready for 2nd round)

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