Tuesday 2/20/2018

Week 4

Squats/Front Squats

1×8/1×5 65/70%

1×8/1×5 70/75%

1×6/1×5 80%

1×6/1×5 85%

CrossFit Open will begin 2/22. We would like to Encourage all of our athletes to participate. Same as every year the work out will be released on Thursday afternoon and will be doing them on Friday, if registered for the open you will have until Monday to submit your official score.


“P.J’s Filthy Forty”

Birthday WOD

2 Rounds

-20 Deadlifts 155/115

-1 Bear Complex

-9 Burpees

-7 Snatches

-8 Front Squats

WOD Will Start with a 40m Sprint and will continue with a 40m sprint EMOM.




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