Tuesday 8/16/2016


*Pistol Progression Cont. W/ 4 Rounds of MAX Reps (1 Min of Work/ 1 Min of Rest)

*Take 1 to 2 Attempts to establish a MAX Handstand Hold Against The Wall


Take the rest of the time to  establish a current Front OR Back Squat Max.

If interested in starting the Hatch Strength Program, talk to one of the coaches,

ask questions and work on your form. For those not interested in starting a strength

program please to continue to stay active, test yourself on a 1 Mile Run (AFAP) or

go for a 5K Run at a slower pace.

Keep Recording all your accomplishments on BTWB, this is the perfect way to keep track of

your improvements.

Hatch Squat Program: This is a 12 week program designed to improve your front and back squats. You will squat two times each week in this program. We recommend you have at least 24hrs between squat days.




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