Thursday 10/6/2016


Skill/Strength: Landmine Row (90/45) – 10 Minute Clock

Athletes will complete 5 Rounds of the following sequence:

1 Minute of Max Landmine Rows followed by 1 Minute of Rest.

Core Workout: Sit-ups – 9 Minute Clock

 3 Minutes of Sit-ups, 1 Minute Rest

2 Minutes of Sit-ups, 1 Minute Rest

1 Minute of Sit-ups, 1 Minute Rest

WOD: For Time

400 M Run

50 CAL Row

4 Tower Runs

50 CAL Row

400 M Run

(Coaches will post 2 scores on the board. Amount of Sit-ups completed during the core workout and the amount of time taken to complete the WOD.)


Congratulations to Mr. Sullivan for earning the title of “Athlete of the Month” at CF Pistoleros. Mr. Sullivan continues to work hard during the morning classes and always gives 110%. The sweat, the time, and the dedication all pays off. If you want results, you need to train hard and work for them. The biggest failure we can have in life is making the mistake of never trying at all. Your life doesn’t get better by chance. It gets better by change! Congratulations once again and to all, let’s get it, train hard, you can be next!

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