Thursday 2/18/2016


Shoulder Press


Two wods will be posted only one will done it will all depend on coin toss. Every class a coin will be flipped and the designated WOD will get done.


WOD I                                                          

-100 Calorie Row

-100 Sit-ups

-30 Calorie Row

-30 Double Unders

-50 Calorie Row

-50 Push-ups


-1 Tower

-1 Lap

-2 Tower

-1 Lap

-3 Tower

-1 Lap

-4 Tower

-1 Lap

Just want to give thanks to all those that walk through the doors expecting to get challenged by every work out.  If a workout doesn’t challenge or push you to be better then it’s not fun.  If you expect average workouts then expect average results, regardless of your time on the board or the weight you throw around the only thing that matters is showing up and putting in the effort, everything else is just a bonus.  So to all those that continue to push through the pain and the soreness THANK YOU!!!!





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